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Aseptic pdueh filling machine
Product description:
The equipment control system adopts stepping control technology and pneumatic drive technology, and its performance is greatly improved compared with traditional mechanical transmission. It can precisely control the filming and sealing of equipment, and g
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Product description:
The SQ-8500 aseptic flexible packaging machine is a new type of high-stability filling equipment developed in combination with its own technology. It sterilizes, molds, seals and cuts plastic-based bag materials in an aseptic environment. the UHT materials are sealed in the package, and the product bag surface pattern is complete. 
The characteristics of the machine are
-Highly automatic control system: The equipment can automatically complete the actions of conveying, forming, and sealing packaging materials, and can optimize and control each link of the entire system through parameter adjustment
•A strong sterility guarantee system: The factors that destroy sterility are strictly studied at the beginning of the equipment design, and the system is improved to ensure sterility.
-System failure alarm and protection: The system is equipped with a timely and rapid alarm system, which can send out an alarm signal in time when the system fails, and make corresponding linkage protection actions.
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