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Onion drying machine
Product description:
Mesh-belt onion dryer is based on the physical properties of onion and dry material requirements to design and product the special drying equipment,after drying, it will get white or light yellow onion.The material contact parts are full stainless steel m
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Product description:
Mesh-belt onion dryer utilize the hot air produced by the heat furnace as the drying medium. Through the hot air distribution unit, the hot air is transported to the mesh belt to dry the onion. The hot air volume, mesh belt running speed, temperature and humidity can be adjusted by the electric control system, to ensure the continuous and automatic operation.

Features and Benefits of Mesh-belt onion dryer machine:

1. With the functions of automatic feed and rise.
2. Adopts multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belt, to rotate the material automatically.
3. Hot air from bottom to top vertical through the mesh belt and the materials,balance,sufficient for heat and mass transfer, products with good quality and beautiful appearance.
4. Can effectively shorten the drying period, reduce the onion processing cost.
5. Pure hot air drying, to ensure the production of green food.

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